Just for a little while, let’s stop living in the present, and go back to the past. It’s time for the Vintage Fair!

Presented by Pale Girl Productions & DRD this one is sure to be spectacular!  From decor, to pose, clothing, makeup, hair, and more over 100 of SecondLife’s designers have come together and they are all showcasing at least one (1) new and exclusive pre-1990’s vintage item. 

The event runs from June 12 until June 22nd. You and access the fair at the Main Sim and, due to the popularity of the event, this year they’ve added a Cam Sim  to help give more people access!  Please be aware that a complexity limit of 100,000 will be enforced on the sims for the first weekend, so remember to remove all unnecessary scripts before enjoying the fair. 

There is a lot to see, the Shopping Guide  is a good way to check out what’s there before you go. With it, you’ll see preview pictures of many of the items you can purchase at the event.  You’re also encouraged to check out the Pale Girl Production Flickr for more previews and the work of the events fantastic bloggers and photographers. 

The Vintage Fair 2020 is sponsored by :

Simply Shelby || MJN || BitterSweet + Strange || Entice

Vintage Fair 2020

via Trappings of a SecondLife