Dutchie Glass with toothbrushes, Makeup clutter, Nail polish, Hairbrush and comb, Day-, night- and eye cream! thank you Froukje ❤


Zinnia’s Raja Rose set: Draped Sari, Console table, Floral Carpet, Boho floral Rug, Lakshmi Poster, Namaste table decor and Lotus pot, for Tlalli,! and Lucinda daybed! thank you Zinnia ❤


Anc Miniature gacha Angel M in mist

Apple Fall Ornamental elephant in silver, Althea rug Antique light

Architect Xavier Panel (night)

Ariskea Terrarium, group gift

Foxwood Corgi planters, Boho Lounge Lovebirds (gift)

Ionic Scenes gacha Cordoba 7, for Equal10

Keke Crystal chandelier Color, Bottle of Spring water, Bathroom clutter Soap

Lode Hello June decor, for Shiny Shabby

Madras Sita gacha Mirror decor and Stool magenta, Ganapathi decor gacha Jaya Floor table and Monkey Chai wrought

Nutmeg Tidy Pastels Mirror White, Liquid Soap, Washbasin w/Towel

Osmia Safari gacha Baby tiger

Plaaka Flowerbox, event gift

Scarlet Creative Neva Chappel

Vespertine Monkey mask vine monstera

Zaara Home gacha Copper frangipani bowl in pink, Jali lamps in kamal, Rajastani wall hanging in elephant



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