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070. Ritual.

[ – Outfit – ]☑ JaponicaHair: Air_Kazura A02_White (wear & touch)_CM*Kimono: [Ay] Kata-otoshi Slit mini Purple (ML) ‘ Ade yakko ‘Hand: 26:BOILDEGG UCHIWA TAIKO DARK:Bow: Luas Okami Bow RARE @GachaGloves: amias – ABBE gloves…

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It’s Taco Day!

Why limit yourself to Tuesday for tacos when any day could be taco day. In real life I live close to a very popular beach with some of the best food in the state. One of my favorite things to get when I am feeling down or depressed is tacos! They always seem to bring […]

Kid's Fashion

Got it!

The best thing about being a kid, so you can have fun anywhere. It’s hard being alone so much these days, but you can make anything into a game. Just shooting down the bubbles can be super fun. I hope you are all coping well during these times and managing to have a little fun […]

Women's Fashion


Scandalize.Spessiha JACKET. MAITREYA exclusive FAMESHEDScandalize.Spessiha TOP. MAITREYA exclusive FAMESHED[NikotiN] Cigarette  Bento – Classic – v1.1 DOUX – Alaska hairstyle exclusive LEVEL Event IDTTY FACES – CATWA DEJA …

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::GB:: Katahaori 2020 and Koshikimono for TMDDappa Kaleido Tattoo for TMDRAIJIN Dragon Katana for Man CaveRAIJIN Mask for Man CaveRAIJIN Oni Bead Set(Bracelet and Necklace) for Man CaveDura Fair B95WRONG Pose W113-1