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Dutchie Dutchie Cafe, new release! All info

The cafe comes in a unfurnished and a fully furnished version. With the Red brick Cafe building I used items from the Furnished set: Awning, Chalkboard bar price list, Cafe table set, Corner stage and stage lights, Toilet and sink, Art deco bar lights, Mid-century modern coat rack, Cafe etches & drawings, Cafe and hotel signs

Dutchie items come equipped with many possibilities for use, like the lighting in the stage, pose series and games in the table set and much more. All info

Ground level I made the cafe floor. I have an eclectic mix of tea-wine-books-art-cats. The stage is set up for a small band that will perform later. In the back are doors leading to the stairs and bathroom. There is also a back door, if you need a quick smoke break

The first floor I did a sort of yoga room, but it is spacious enough to live there too if you want, or make it into a VIP room, or a secret drink/gambling spot for your 1920’s roleplay, there is much you can use the cafe for of course, what ever you fancy!

And there is an attic also, for me just a simple spot to sit at the window and look out over the fields, for others perhaps a (wo)man “cave” or even a more dangerous or spooky place.


other items from Dutchie (not from the cafe set):

Dutchie 8 cups and saucers with milk and sugar set, 12 shot glasses, Beer, Dutch photo collage, Coffee mug (gift) and Newspaper (gift)!

thank you Froukje ❤


other items, ground floor:

Apple Fall Book arrangements 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12,  Original Artwork Bluebird postcard, Stacked Magazines, Box of macaroons, Argentinian Malbec, Glasses

Atomic Witches’ Brew Cafe gacha Espresso Machine light

Ayla Homegrown gacha Vegetable Basket

Bazar Forest dining table, Paris wine, Forest wine

Brocante Velvet sofa red, Velvet oversized armchair red

DRD Garden party gacha Stage (rare) Sound, Guitar, Bas and Amp, Industrial lights Masonjars

Elev8 Mayfair Books 01 and 02

Fancy Decor Jansen Art Books A and B, Garnet light, Warden wine bottle

Fancy decor & Commoner Cafe Voureaux gacha Booth, Coffee grinder, Blender, Bag of coffee, Latte cat art

Feather & Nest Cat garden sculpture

8f8 Art of Nature gacha Little boxes, Ginko, Hoya Kerrii, Heartleaf Philodendron, La Petite Joie cafe gacha Espresso cups set

Insurrektion Ellen watercolor, Rock You Baby gacha Guitar case

Keke Champagne bottle

KraftWork + Infinity Farm bar Bar dark, Rack dark, Cow paintings

Lode Hello June decor

MadPea Bow Bells Boozer gacha Spirits

Maru Kado Sleep cat 1

MB Baby cow frame

Merak Designer’s laptop

N4RS Retro salon chair

Nutmeg French cafe Teatime rack, Teapot, Croissants, Journal Stack 1 and 2, Rustic set Table and Stool (group gift), Tulips (group gift), Getaway frames (Getaway gift)

Plaaka Tea in the forest gacha Totempole high

Scarlet Creative Summer Chairs

Second Spaces Flea Market Finds gacha Vintage fashion sketches 3

Toro Cat sitting

Vespertine Vintage cash register iron black

We’re closed Dark frame (*with pictures uploaded by me: Amelie dog Michael Sowa, Paris 1951 Gordon Parks, last one forgot to write down)

Zerkalo Bar Z gacha Beer Tower


First floor

Chez Moi Mandala yoga mat holders 1 and 2

Concept Medina gacha Cushion C and D, Bench

8f8 Art of Nature gacha China girl, Lost fragments

Keke Dreamer projector Moon

Killers Vintage harmonium

Maru Kado Fish pillow (group gift)

Merak Canvas sneaker decor

Nutmeg Springtide Taupe cabinet, Not too shabby flats

Toro Slippers



Apple Fall Monogrammed suitcases

Dust bunny Blossom typewriter

Haikei My vintage art studio gacha #5

Nutmeg Backyard stool brown, Kate’s Vintage Collection, Old story ottoman


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