The first runway for TweenStar was to stylize an anime or cartoon character. I am not the biggest anime fan, and most of the TV shows I enjoy would have been either too hard to stylize due to limited mesh (Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender) or not human enough (Beast Boy/Garfield from Young Justice). I do, however, love stop motion animation.

For a little while, I was trying to put together Kubo and the Two Strings look because I could have used a sword and a lot of neat effects like origami flying around. However, the mesh I could have used was not fitted, so it wouldn’t look as good as something I could use for Tweenster. I ended up with Norman from Paranorman, which honestly is where I should have gone from the start. I love dark comedies and, to my knowledge, this is the first movie in America for kids with an opem LGBT character. It gets points for that.


via Arti Love

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