Featuring DaD Virtual Living

I fear not the dark
itself, but what may
lurk within it.

– Unknown –

Today I am featuring a new gacha collection from DaD Virtual Living.  This is The Cage Collection which features 11 different cages to collect.  The cages feature a variety of decor, lights, pumpkins, eyeballs, webs, skeleton ghost and more. You can find The Cage Collection at the current Halloween round of The Arcade.  Happy shopping and happy weekend!



DaD Virtual Living @ The Arcade

01 – DaD “The Cage Collector – The King Is Alive RARE”
02 – DaD “The Cage Collector Stardust Cage”
03 – DaD “The Cage Collector Ghost Puppy Cage”
04 – DaD “The Cage Collector Eye Magic Cage”
05 – DaD “The Cage Collector Pumpkins Cage”
06 – DaD “The Cage Collector Mystical Candles Cage”
07 – DaD “The Cage Collector Pedestal spider ”
08 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Arabian Nights”
09 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Mortimer Skull”
10 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Banned Books Cage”
11 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Spider trap Cage”

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Dark
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
West Village Chinoise Cabinet – Chalkboard

Medieval Fantasy

[MF] Book line 1
[MF] Book line 2
[MF] Book line 6
[MF] Spider cobweb

Dust Bunny – Postcards

Muniick – Antique Bird Cage

DRD – November Corridor – Armchair

*Paper Moon* – Dripping Candles – Black

VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox

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