::GB::Lace-up shirt / FATPACK @TMD

::GB:: Left chain G-Necklace @TMD

::GB::Diagonal cut Leather pants / FATPACK @TMD


LOTUS. Generation Eyes @TMD




andika[End of summer sweets]Set@ Equal10


andika[End of summer sweets]A/dispenser 1

andika[End of summer sweets]B/dispenser

andika[End of summer sweets]C/dispenser

andika[End of summer sweets]Decor/1Li


andika[quick snack.]set @ mainstore (group gift)


andika[quick snack.]set-water/Decor/2Li

andika[quick snack.]set-water/Dispenser/3Li

andika[quick snack.]set/Decor/2Li

andika[quick snack.]set/Dispenser/3Li





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