Featuring Cheeky Pea and Sway’s

I can smell autumn
dancing in the
breeze. The sweet
chill of pumpkin
and crisp
sunburnt leaves.

– Unknown –

Today I am featuring this lovely outdoor seating area from Cheeky Pea and some cute pumpkin decor from Sway’s.  As you can see it’s a perfect setting to spend time with friends and family….even the deer and fox are getting cozy.

Cheeky Pea

:CP: Beinn Artair Blanket
:CP: Beinn Artair Candles
:CP: Beinn Artair Fireplace
:CP: Beinn Artair Heather Pouffe
:CP: Beinn Artair Lantern
:CP: Beinn Artair Ruin
:CP: Beinn Artair Sage Pouffe
:CP: Beinn Artair Sofa


Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin Decoration . Single C – Spiderweb
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin Decoration . Trio – Spider

God Mod – Gourds Decor (Gift @ Hallow Manor)

Heart Garden Center

Heart – Autumn Leaves – Scattered Circle
Heart – Autumn Leaves – Small
Heart – Autumn Path Kit
Heart – WW – Alder Tree – Mature2


JIAN Fallow Fawn Static Laying
JIAN Gray Fox Static – Laying


Sugar Donas
Hot Milk
Sweet Coffee

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