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I can get by the days just fineBut the nights Credits Torn Jacket & Shirt / Metal Clow Mask by Gabriel (Dark Style Fair) (October 9th – 31st) Bat (Survivors Set Gacha) by THIRST (The Epiphany) (October 15th – November 12th) Ear piercings: Loke rigged Ear Piercings by Artificial Hallucination Hair:  Scott by Modulus Head: Daniel by Catwa … More Nights

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Men's Fashion


 STRAY DOG Alfred Lelutka Skin Halloween for Man CaveLelutka Skyler Mesh HeadUC Hipster Hat for Man CaveODIREN Andy Shirt for TMDHARO Panther Gloves[GA.EG] Ultimate Ears Bitten Off for Man CaveBIRTH Glimmer Eyes Phantom for Dark Style FairPos…

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Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch Let yourcuriosity begreater thanyour fear. – Pema Chodron – We all know that old proverb, curiosity killed that cat, and I did a bit of very intense “research”, ok…I Googled, reading about the origin of that statement.  It is long and varied and I won’t bore you with… Continue reading Curiosity