Textures just didn’t rezz all together: when the building rezzed, the curtains got blurry, when the curtains rezzed the rugs got blurry, etc etc etc, I been trying a whole day and whatever I tried to fix in settings, it didn’t work, it’s just my pc I gues, so not such perfect pictures but I hope pretty any way 🙂 . Zinnia’s Wish I where in Mexico set Bench, Rug, Lamp and Planter, new release for Tlalli! Cuisina Mexicana Cross, Raja set Sari drape and Rug, Paper star gacha Sun thank you Zinnia ❤ . . Dutchie Cast Iron fireplace, Basket with wood . . Apple Fall Book arrangements 8, 10 and 12, Magazine stack Ayla Christmas Corner Old suitcase w/treats Dahlia Christmas memories Suitcase brown and Little houses in pink, for Santa Inc Dust Bunny String lights colored Hive Cozy slippers Jian Corgi Good boy, groupgift Kuro Strawberry Santas Loft & Aria Harmon Cactus and Books Moss & Mink Golden Winter set Felt Trees decor, for Santa Inc Scarlet Creative Festive frosty Chapel, Darcy tartan bench Tartessos Arts Nativitiy scene What Next Tiny house lantern . mood

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