I was so excited to play The Nutcracker this year. It’s kind of like three roles in one: Drosselmeir’s Nephew, The Nutcracker, and the Prince. The final costume is my favorite because The New York Ballet set a tradition of The Prince wearing a pink suit. My school isn’t the New York Ballet, but I mean who are we to break with tradition? I have to admit, I think Fritz is my favorite character in the whole ballet. He gets to run around and cause mischief the entire first act, and he gets all of the funny parts! I have to kind of stand there help Drosselmeir with his magic tricks, but then it gets going when I get to fight The Rat King and chop off one of his heads. Fun, fun! Except I had to do that off stage. Lame! And of course in the end I get to wear pink, so I guess I am the winner!
The Nutcracker


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