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#Deco. 「 The Magic of Christmas Time ❄️ 」

Decoration. HISA stuff: ✅. | HISA Pine View Cabin @ Tres Chic   Little Branch stuff: ✅. | Little Branch NorwaySpruce Tree @ Uber  ✅. | Little Branch StreetBanyan Tree @ Mancave ✅. | Little Branch CrispyGrass soft @ Mainstore   Decoration: ✅. | Raindale Everjoy street light red ✅. | +Half-Deer+ Warm &Sigue leyendo “#Deco. 「 The Magic of Christmas Time ❄️ 」”


Feliz Navidad

Textures just didn’t rezz all together: when the building rezzed, the curtains got blurry, when the curtains rezzed the rugs got blurry, etc etc etc, I been trying a whole day and whatever I tried to fix in settings, it didn’t work, it’s just my pc I gues, so not such perfect pictures but I […]