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It’s Taco Day!

Why limit yourself to Tuesday for tacos when any day could be taco day. In real life I live close to a very popular beach with some of the best food in the state. One of my favorite things to get when I am feeling down or depressed is tacos! They always seem to bring […]

Kid Thor

Strong and brave. They say I am those two things above all. Protect the humans. Protect the gods. But what good am I if I could only stand back and watch my brother die? Baldur was your hero, not me. I bring death and destruction. Baldur brought you happiness and life, and he took all the […]

I. The Magician: Tweenster Tarot

This is my second card in a series I am trying with the Tweenster Body reproducing the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Magician is traditionally depicted behind an altar with a sword, wand, chalice, and pentacle, the symbols of the elements air, fire, water, and earth, respectively. In my card I have modernized the […]

Me Be Silly? Never!

Put a suit on me and you’re asking for trouble! Credits Blazer Suit for Tweenster by Meshmerized Ecclectic Bow Tie – Zipped Black by Abrasive Stealthic – Hysteria Hair Orion Excuses Men’s Brooch by Chop Zuey Lux Aurumque Mens Cufflinks by Chop Zuey -[TWC]- MenDoCry Glasses Foggy -Black- Cherry Tot Tweenster Fitted – Emoji rings […]

March, March, March, SPLASH!! – Cove Event Part 2

Sponsored Items [KD] BEACH SHIRT – for Youth Body at the Cove Event [KD] BEACH SHORTs – for Youth Body at the Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Arm Floatie – Strawberry at Cove Event < SP > Ice Cream Ring Floatie (wearable) – Strawberry at Cove Event Credits [Jester Inc.] Swim Fin! [Jester […]

Sunny Days are Here Again: Cove Event Part 1

I blog a lot of clothing that I love, but these shorts are so me. I love the colors, I love the pattern, I love how bright and sunny they are. My friend Noah made this outfit and his store is called Little Duckling. I did mix and match two different outfits from his event […]

Making a Lazy Day, A Crazy Day

Like so many people, I’ve been stuck inside a lot these days. I pretty much only leave to go on a walk at the beach or go shopping for groceries when I run out of food. I am at increased risk for the virus, so I haven’t been able to go out to show my […]

Boy Can Do Ballet Too!

As a RL little kid, I was not allowed to do anything considered too girly, and the more my mother forbade me, the more resistant I became. By the time I was at the end of elementary school, my mother couldn’t really keep me from things like that anymore. When I picked a musical instrument, […]

Black Lives Matter

I see what racism does to a community every single day I got to work. In real life, I am a homosexual man, and while I have been discriminated against many times, the word GAY is not tattooed on my forehead. People can look me right in the eye and never know I am a […]

Cosplay: Honey Senpai

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka or Honey Senpai is a character from the anime Ouran High School Host Club. Lots of shenanigans in that series. Credits Meshnix – Formal Suit (Full Perm) for Tweenster Tram I0129 Hair AESTHETIC HOT NECKTIES FAT PACK – Black by {CA} CALIGULA Hana Eyes – Apricot – By Demicorn more more. yuki […]
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